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Our new EP  „WAKE UP“ is out now! You can download it here for free:


Whole EP with cover (.zip 31MB)


Or buy the limited edition compact disc on our Bandcamp page:



  • No upcoming events scheduled yet. Stay tuned!

—– Listen – Wake Up – This is your Enlightenment —–

At a pivotal moment in music history in 2011, a conversation between friends Chris (Vox/git) and Niggo (drums) planted the seed that grew into the formation of a band. 

The idea was to spread honest and heartfelt rock music to people from all walks of life by combining smooth, ear-catching melodies and dissonant sounds with progressive rhythm elements. This design was aimed at reminding the audience that listening to music should be deliberate rather than simply consuming it en passant. 

Enlightenment demonstrate that real artists should be able to play instruments and write songs without a multimillion dollar team of 'producers' in the background churning out yet another product. 

After a long period of time Chris and Niggo found in Stefan (Bass) and Harley (git) two like-minded musicians, sadly Harley had to renounce the band shortly after joining due to time constraints. Currently on the road as a three piece whilst seeking for an additional guitarist, Enlightenment are well on their way to achieving their goal of presenting their music to the populace.


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